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The Wack Pack is the name given to an assortment of personalities heard throughout the history of The Howard Stern Show, American entertainment talk radio show. Bigfoot (Matthew McGrory); Blue Iris; Celestine; Cliff Palete (also known as Lispy Lynn to North Texas listeners) (Lynn Zimmermann); Debbie the Space. Apr 22, Blue Iris stopped by to promote her new movie, "Hardcore Circus," and Howard laughed that everyone was saying Blue looked good but. The Wack Pack are an essential part of the Howard Stern Show experience, and A long-time Stern favorite, Blue Iris, aka Ellen Pinsky, was a granny porn star.

Jun 26, When Blue Iris (Ellen Pinsky), called the show on January 31, to explain that she was experiencing weakness on her left side, as well as. Blue Iris was born on January 21, in the USA. She was an Howard Stern on Demand (TV Series) (special thanks - 1 episode). - Tito Stern: Left. Blue Iris (real name: Ellen Niemer Pinsky) ( - April 22, ) was a "granny porn" actress, a popular member of the Wack Pack on Howard Stern's radio.

Feb 1, Blue Iris was a granny porn regular who often appeared on Stern. Her first appearance on the show was in But she didn't achieve Wack. Blue Iris aka Ellen Niermer Pinski (January 21, - May 04, ), a year- old She mad so many laugh an smile with her prank calls on the Stern Show!.