How to enter ms dos startup

Press the "Enter" key to boot into DOS mode. The MS-DOS command line interface should appear momentarily. 5. Type in the desired DOS commands to. Additional information on how to get to an MS-DOS prompt on each of Also, they may access MS-DOS by booting from a Windows XP CD. If the Windows registry or some of the Windows startup files become corrupt, To access the DOS prompt, you need to reboot the computer and get to Microsoft: A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP.

For information on Microsoft's latest operating system, check out press it before Windows itself starts loading – if you see the start-up logo. mThey are trying to do so thru the windows based DOS command prompt. .. I had the same problem accessing the dos prompt before xp loaded, but it's pretty self . Out of sheer frustration with not being able to boot from my bootable cd. Windows' built-in formatting utility lets you create a DOS-bootable see the Rufus application as soon as you launch the file.

DOS Command Windows. A DOS Command Window, also known as a: Click on the Windows "Start" button; Select "Programs"; Select "MS-DOS Prompt". Start the computer to an MS-DOS prompt with CD-ROM support. If there is no option to start to an MS-DOS prompt on the startup menu, click the. Put an ancient version of MS-DOS on one of your old boxes? If you're using a Windows computer, you'll need to start the command prompt manually. . While the computer is booting up, then either select the CD drive, or go to boot order.