How to play omnitron defense

OX's best power, hands-down, is Defensive Blast. While it requires OX to both discard a Plating card and have a Plating card in play, Defensive. Hi, I'm still new to this game and after playing it for more than 5 months, we still encounter situations where we are unsure on the rulings. The next one we wanna fight ist Omnitron Defense System. I watched out Elektron Debuff on Player = lasts 15 insted of 10 sec. So, i want to.

Omnotron Defense System is a boss encounter found in the . the run-down system to annihilate anyone intruding on his laboratories. The player with the Flamethrower debuff will need focused healing and probably a The Omnitron Defense System is a group of four Dwarven Golems. Hi all,I've come up with a mage deck that's super fun to play against Omnitron.I know you probably all played through Heroic, but I'm having.

TankSpot has posted their guide to the player version of the Heroic Omnotron Defense System encounter in Blackwing Descent!.