How to treat jacobs syndrome origin

In most cases, people with XYY syndrome respond well to intervention and treatment, and many issues improve within a few years. But treatments can help reduce its symptoms and effects, especially if it's diagnosed early. People with XYY syndrome can work with. The signs and symptoms of 47, XYY syndrome can be managed with a variety of therapies. Occupational therapy may be.

6 days ago 47,XYY syndrome is characterized by an extra copy of the Y the chromosomal change sometimes causes no unusual physical features. XYY syndrome is a rare genetic condition that affects only males. There's no cure for XYY syndrome, but there are treatment options that can help address. Symptoms of the following disorders can be similar to those of XYY syndrome. Treatment of XYY syndrome is symptomatic and supportive. Speech therapy.

XYY syndrome is a genetic condition in which a male has an extra Y chromosome. Symptoms are 47 chromosomes, instead of the usual 46, giving a 47,XYY karyotype. Treatment may include speech therapy or extra help with schoolwork. Treatment for Jacob's Syndrome is symptomatic depending on the features of an individual. Treatment may include physical/occupation/speech therapies. Behaviorally, males with XYY may show ADHD symptoms including difficulties with Treatment recommendations include evaluation and interventions for. The most characteristic feature of XYY Syndrome is that the affected individual will be extremely tall. In majority of the cases of XYY Syndrome.