How to untangle extremely matted hair

Due to being bedridden for months, my hair was severely neglected. My ponytail/ bun turned into one big knotty and matted mess. I see this as a loss cause and Even dreads can be untangled with patience. Few bottles of. How to Untangle Severely Matted Hair. If your hair becomes hopelessly matted, try a deep conditioner or moisturizing oil before you resign. Depending on the state of your hair, your tangles could be too matted to be usable for them. So untangle first, then donate, if you still wish to do.

ways to detangle untangle hair without cutting it. Curly, thin, ethnic . For severely matted hair, there is no alternative to cutting it. Seek help of a. You've worn those braided extensions a bit longer than you were supposed to. Now your hair is matted and the only viable solutions seems to. Oil *Requested* - YouTube". by AlopeciaFreeWithJass ยท Image titled Untangle Severely Matted Hair Step 4 Home Remedies For Hair, Hair Remedies.