How to fix a pixie haircut

Here, six expert tricks for styling your pixie cut. "This is the best way to style extremely coarse or thick hair," he says—the iron adds shine and. This nearly effortless style can be achieved with any hair texture. Just use your favorite styling (and healthy) products to shape your hair into a. Despite popular belief, anyone can pull off a pixie since it's such a versatile cut. What it really comes down to is style. While it can take serious.

From classic icons to modern muses, these short haired celebrities who prove the versatility and cool style of the pixie cut. These easy-to-manage hairstyles are exactly what you need to amp up your short hair. How to Style a Pixie Cut. Pixie cuts are trendy and fun, but if you've just returned from the salon with your first pixie, you might be wondering how you can style it.