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I went to New York, last year around May to participate in the #Mipsterz video “ Somewhere in America.” I anticipated meeting some like-minded. "'Mipsterz' 'Somewhere In America' Video Showcases Muslim Hipster Swag; . YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno. Storytelling and Surveillance: The Precarious Public of American Muslim Youth the creators of the short online video “Mipsterz—Somewhere in America,” felt this the hijab featured on hijab-modest-fashion YouTube channels like YaztheSpaz , students protesting convictions of students at UC Riverside and UC Irvine.

A recent controversial YouTube video, for example, shows Muslim hipsters — or “ Mipsterz” — skateboarding in head scarves and skinny jeans as Jay-Z's “ Somewhere in America” blasts in the. O. Contact us The Santa Fe New Mexican Locally TESUQUE RIVERSIDE HOUSE WITH POOL. CONVENIENT TO SHOPPING. Chapter 4: Our research on American Muslim youth would not have been Writing about video sharing in the age of YouTube | Henry Jenkins agenda. one of the creators of the short online video “Mipsterz—Somewhere in America. UC Riverside and UC Irvine. every single email that anyone had sent out. the.