Adjusting camber bolts how

Camber bolts help positively effect the tire wear of your vehicle. Learning to adjust these bolts during an alignment, can influence your tire wear. Following these. To put it simply, camber is the vertical position of the wheel and knuckle on a vehicle. The straighter it is, the better the tire wear. Because suspension and. Camber adjustment bolts offer great value for money and can drastically improve your vehicle's handling for little money. Find out all you need to know about.

They indicate the OEM camber bolts unable to make adjustment to correct back the alignment setting of the car, thus they suggest to replace the adjustable. Using 1 bolt is fine too and will provide approx degrees. You can also adjust the bolt head rotation to vary camber increase; so you can set camber to Take the headache out of cam alignment with MOOG® adjustable cams and cam bolts, available in a variety of diameters for a number of locations with new.

NOTE: If you end up with more than the desired camber, reduce camber by adjusting the OEM bolt only! You ALWAYS want the aftermarket bolt. Dorman Products - Camber Adjustment Bolt. Replace stripped or corroded camber bolts with Dorman's Alignment Camber Bolt Kit. These direct. FREE SHIPPING! Adjustable Camber Bolts. Whether you spend your time tearing up the track or just cruising down narrow back roads, a proper front end.