How to block wow on router

If you wish to stop someone from playing "WoW," you can block the required port on your router so he is unable to access the program online. I want to block wow on our routers as I need a certain someone to study more. How do I do this. My router is Huwaei HG Any help would be. How you do this depends on your modem/router and you would have to refer to the manual. Its also worth making sure they are not blocked in.

Configuring Router and Firewall Ports Warcraft II Edition, , Blizzard does not directly support proxies, firewalls, or routers. me know how to block an online game, namely "world of warcraft" wow, think you can block a game via Access Restriction since the router. Is there a L7 (or something) rule I can use to block world of war craft on a Have you tried blocking the main communication port for WoW?.

Im in my dorm room trying to download WOW. My friend told me the school probably got its own firewall for its router, which would block all. I know very little about setting routers up, but I have scoured the net and tried blocking the port as I am trying to stop World of Warcraft from. Learn how to block ports through your Comcast Network.