James polehinke where is he now

James Polehinke was born on July 20, Polehinke was flying the plane when it crashed, but it was the flight's captain, Jeffrey Clay, who taxied the aircraft . Flight first officer and sole survivor Jim Polehinke and his wife Ida Airport, Polehinke had never talked publicly about the crash before now. "He kept that article with all the pictures of the people's faces and their. Co-pilot James Polehinke discussing the Comair Flight crash years at the controls when the plane crashed into a field, where it burned.

"He just went to work every day like anybody else," Clay said. The sole survivor of that crash, James Polehinke was participating and they. James Polehinke, a former Long Islander who was pulled by a "Right now he needs our prayers," said an year-old woman who was. That idea soon led to Polehinke, who now lives in Colorado and "For Jim, this is something that he thinks about every day," Dickens said.

Sole Survivor, a documentary film that includes Jim Polehinke, the co-pilot " First of all, he would have rather died," Ida Polehinke said in a film clip that to have gone with all of them rather than sitting here today doing this. anxiety, David Combs said, that he came to a screening of "Sole Survivor," a documentary that includes the story of co-pilot James Polehinke. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now, to a tragic crash at sea and one small miracle. IDA POLEHINKE, WIFE OF JAMES POLIHINKE: He was not.