How to play ante up poker cruise

For every hour of cash-game play you have, you'll get a $5 discount off your next Ante Up Poker Cruise. Play 10 hours, get $50 off. Play 20 hours, get $ off!. Just like your favorite land-based poker room, you can play a variety of cash games, single-table tournaments and multi-table events. Every cruise includes at . If only players who bought there way on through ante up or won admission for being at a poker room are allowed to play.. Well that sounds.

I say, if you can go on a cruise, and play live poker it's BONUS time. The Ante Up Poker Room will be open at least 73 hours and feature two. Get Serious with the Ante Up Tournament, with a limit of 1 Re-Buy and 1 Add-On per player, Deep Pockets won't win this tournament! Top Prize is $ cash. Listen to Ante Up Poker Cruise and other episodes by Ante Up Poker Magazine. No signup or install required.

We list the best poker cruises and their ships. Most tables do allow play but you do have to be over the age of Cardplayercruises & Ante up magazine are just a couple of the renowned poker cruise companies but. Anybody who has played in a live game in a casino or card room will have Ante Up Poker Cruises offer a full casino experience on board. Card Player Cruises. Cruise Videos. Check out Ante Up's new TV commercial! Look for it on upcoming episodes of the Windy City Poker Championshp!. Web: 11 March , United States, Ante Up Poker Cruise Cozumel, Tampa (6). 23 March , United.