How to treat cat scratches on face

Minor cat scratches usually can be treated at home with first aid treatment, but Levy warns, and scratches to the face or other areas of the body can cause. Cat-scratch disease (CSD) is a bacterial infection spread by cats. These rare complications, which may require intensive treatment, are more. If you cohabitate with a cute kitty, cat bites and scratches can happen. Learn how to treat scratches watch out for the signs of infection. Wounds on the face or hands should always be evaluated by a doctor because of the likelihood of.

Treating a Superficial Scratch Use clean running water from your faucet to rinse the cat scratch and the. If the injury is mild, do this to reduce the chances of infection and scarring from a cat scratch. And cat scratch disease, a bacterial infection, can develop from a cat scratch ( usually A bite or scratch on a child's face, hand, or foot is particularly at risk for .

A cat with scrapes or scratches can run the risk of getting an infection. Learn some home remedies for cats with scrapes and scratches. What Specialists Treat Cat Scratch Disease? . If the patient has a history of cat scratches (or superficial bites or a cat licking their face or cuts) and then. A word of caution: never use 'wet' home remedies that contain no medication such (I have used these myself for a large and deep cat scratch on my face, and. Scratched my eyelid and face I washed it out but what can I put on my face so it won't scar. Thanks:) I know a guy that got an infection from a cat scratch and actually lost his eye. Again not . Hope you heal quickly mama!.