How to use peters login redirect page

If you're using a plugin such as Gigya that bypasses the regular WordPress login redirect process (and only allows one fixed redirect URL), set that plugin to. Use Peter's Login Redirect plugin in WordPress to redirect a user anywhere This can be your site's homepage, a specific page in the admin. Simply use wp_login_form() function in your page. The login form will be generated with current URL as "after login redirect" parameter.

I even installed Peter's Login Redirect and set login/logout redirects on my username, For the redirect URL error you mentionned here, use. Peter's Login Redirect will be used as a destination page for any user upon their registration. You can set the plugin to use only one type of. Ever wanted to redirect users to custom pages after login or logout in First thing you need to do is install and activate the Peter's Login Redirect plugin. You can also use this setting to set up a site-wide redirect for all users.

The plugin called Peters Login Redirect has to be used to redirect the logged in clients to their specific pages. Otherwise, you can hardcode that into their code using something like this where WooCommerce is clashing. You should be able to use the redirect_to_front_page($redirect_to, $ requested_redirect_to, $user) that is part of the plugin. It is primarily used.