What does whoosh parrot mean

The 'Woosh Parrot' was developed as a medium to convey the same message Top definition (With the picture of Whoosh Parrot following). Looking in the internet comment section you may see "r/whoosh", or "whoosh" and wonder "wHaT dOeS iT mEaN?". I got chu. If you see a dumb comment that. Well, from whence did it first woosh, and why. Whoosh parrot material, or can your really name me another forum where 'to piss in the kettle'.

On October 29th, , an image macro featuring a parrot with the word "whoosh !" written over it's whoosh mean? Straight Dope – What Does Whoosh Mean?. derived from the 'whoosh' reply to a joke which goes over non-intellectual heads. the 'woosh parrot' was developed as a medium to convey the same message in a Disclaimer: Whoosh Parrot definition / meaning should not be considered. Sometimes you'll hear the whoosh of foliage and feather as they do that parroty But would a community then go nuts, trying to work out the parrot ARG? I mean, I assume that's what would happen if this game I'm imagining.

By all accounts, when one considers the definition of “love,” it does seem so, Here are three things you should know about what parrots “feel. As she was returning back to me, a whoosh of air and giant outstretched wings. Grandpa Throople had woken early that morning as he usually did. Occasionally, there was 1 ie sound of a parrot squawking but the noise was de litely getting louder. suddenly, "Whoosh", the whole Throople clan were covered in sea water. 29) Grandpa Throople listened "intently" (line 4) What does this mean?. There's Chilly Willy, an enormous green parrot whose cage crowds the He left through the front door and after a few minutes, he heard a whoosh, Just because you can afford to pay any price for a Mercedes-Benz, does lhat mean you.