Who invented chocolate diamonds

A collection of brown diamonds in the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. The pear-shaped pendant at the bottom of the necklace weighs 67 carats ( g). Brown diamonds are the most common color variety of natural diamonds. In most mines, brown In , the fine jewelry company Le Vian trademarked the term "chocolate. What are Chocolate Diamonds®?The lies told about Chocolate Diamonds, their value and origin. How Jewelers are supposedly fooling women. Let me tell you a little about what chocolate diamonds really are. whole concept behind the trademark of Chocolate Diamond was invented to.

The history of black diamonds is rich, and some popular black diamonds are shrouded in mystery. Black diamonds were first discovered in by Brazilians. And because they are only sold by Le Vian®, Chocolate Diamonds® are set in original designs created by one of the most innovative jewelers in the world. What makes a brown diamond a Chocolate Diamond®? And why are they called Chocolate Diamonds®? Only one company in the world.

Chocolate Diamonds® came from Le Vian® and was inspired by our . of marketing diamonds, “the most brilliant illusion in modern history. Chocolate diamonds were once considered worthless as a gemstone and used only in industrial applications. Now, they are one of the most beautiful gems. Chocolate diamonds are a term that people are hearing more and more without That said, it's been evident that LeVian created a phenomenal marketing. Difference Between Chocolate Diamonds vs Brown Diamonds The name “ chocolate diamond” was created as a marketing slogan. Truly a.