How to cook lettuce and onions

Fresh leaf lettuce is tossed with hot bacon fat and green onions, causing the lettuce to wilt and 'killing' it. Killed or 'kilt' lettuce is a traditional Appalachian recipe. This killed lettuce is an authentic mountain recipe. She uses watercress, spinach, lettuce, or arugula in the recipe and she has many suggestions for flavor. Pour the onions and hot bacon grease over the greens; toss to coat the greens thoroughly. There is, of course, no one right way to kill lettuce. Some douse the raw lettuce and onions with vinegar, then spoon over bacon grease. Others.

This was my mas recipe passed on to me-dont know any other way to make it and very crisp, drained & crumbled them in with the lettuce and green onions . Kilt, or Killed, Lettuce and Green Onions. I grew up in the beautiful and majestic Kentucky mountains where life was simple and safe. This is an Appalachian spring rite of passage. I've used Splenda to try to help with sugar control, and add olive oil to try to lighten it up a bit. I'm also had this with.

Some douse raw lettuce and onions with vinegar, then spoon over bacon grease. Others temper a beaten egg in the hot grease and vinegar to. Stir-fried lettuce is refreshing, quick, easy to make, and goes with just about Both romaine and iceberg lettuce are great choices for a cooked. Young tells us that the Cantonese word for lettuce sounds like the words for . I stir fried onions for a few minutes first then proceeded with the recipe as given. For this single-skillet dish, she saut├ęs lettuce with smoky, salty bacon and sweet caramelized onions. Recipe created by Julia Turshen. wilted salad greens.