How to rig a carolina rig redfish

The Carolina Rig is one of the most versatile and widely used bait rigs around. Whether using this for live bait or artificial lures, it consistently. The Carolina rig is a universally superior set-up for most inshore saltwater gamefish as well This is a particular good rig for casting cut bait to redfish or catfish. The Carolina Rig got it's fame from the freshwater, bass fishing world and quickly redfish or mangrove snapper also enjoy the cover from larger predators.

"When you fish a Carolina rig, the sinker is between you and the fish, so the fish could potentially feel the weight of the sinker, and that may be. The vast majority of red drum caught in South Carolina aren't kept for Today we 're sharing our picks for the ideal rigs to use for adult red drum. If you're looking to snag more redfish, give these four rigs a try. are Florida Bay and the marsh grass habitats of Georgia and South Carolina.