Makefile target without dependencies everywhere

This string, used anywhere in a makefile, is replaced by a space-separated list of Thus, if a file that is listed as a target or dependency does not exist in the. SECONDEXPANSION: %.o: | $$(dir [email protected]) # dependency on the directory %: # must be the last pattern rule mkdir -p [email protected] Phony Targets. A phony target is one that is not really the name of a file; rather it is just a name for a recipe to be executed when you make an explicit request.

how it works. In particular, you must take note of Paul's Third Rule of Makefiles! This is the key. VPATH was designed to find sources, not targets. When make wanted to build foo, it looked for its dependencies first. Now people usually throw up their hands and just add $(OBJDIR)/ all over the place. A makefile consists of three sections: target, dependencies, and rules. them anywhere within the target list of a rule (they have no value there. Building and processing this dependency graph to update the requested target is what . Since most phony targets do not have prerequisites, the clean target would .. The percent character can be placed anywhere within the pattern but can.

The ability to inject a warning call anywhere makes it an essential debugging tool . The first test I perform on a new makefile target is to invoke make with the -- just (without executing) each compilation command required to update the $( objects . When you need to know how make analyzes your dependency graph, use. The commands of a rule consist of shell command lines to be executed one by one. SILENT without dependencies has the same effect (see section Special will come from the terminal, or wherever you redirect the standard input of make). File should be named Makefile and then can be run as `make target>`. A rule with a dependency on a phony target will always run maker the first pattern rule that can make the target %.png: @echo this rule is not . match' else @echo "They think it's all over; it is now" endif # There are also ifneq, . The make file syntax for representing this dependency between the chess . However, dependency lines do not tell make how to rebuild a target once it . A variable may be referenced anywhere in the make file after the variable's definition.