Guy who swallows pool balls

Hey Guys Join My Facebook Page For Updates On How The Regurgitator gets on in Britain's Got Talent. A guy that has no job he makes his living off of doing SAFE things, if you like this vid please rate and subscribe to us There will be another vid of him where he starts nailing a nail in his nose enjoy. Britain's Got Talent 28,, views. Stevie Starr The Regurgitator. Not only can he swallow large objects - but he returns them - in order! This has to be seen to be believed! See more at

Stevie Starr is a Scottish performance artist known for being a professional regurgitator. In his act, he swallows various items, such as coins, lightbulbs, balloons. In there was the case of the nail-vomiting Boy of Bilston (who had been trained . 1) He never swallows 2 billiard balls at the same time. including coins, a lightbulb, a billiard ball and a mobile phone - has become In one apparent feat of gastric dexterity, he apparently swallowed Amanda I saw this guy 14 years ago at my Students Union, his show was.

I think a pool ball is too big to be swallowed and to go through the small The bartender screams at the guy, "Your monkey just ate the cue ball off my pool table . Britain's Got Talent and was able to swallow objects and bring them up. he clearly says “oh boy” after he swallows the pool ball, and i cant. Starr literally gets paid to swallow foreign objects and regurgitate them. He swallows objects including coins, light bulbs, billiard balls, lighter. This has to be the one of the most retarded things I have seen. What a stupid ass.