How fast does polio spread

How is polio spread? Polio is spread when the stool of an infected person is introduced into the mouth of How soon after infection do symptoms appear?. How does polio spread? Poliovirus is very contagious. It spreads through contact with the stool (poop) of an infected person or droplets from a sneeze or cough. Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease. It is caused by the poliovirus. The virus spreads from person to.

How does polio spread? Polio is usually spread via the fecal-oral route (i.e., the virus is transmitted from the stool of an infected person to the mouth of another. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Some people who develop symptoms from the poliovirus contract a type of polio that. Fast facts on polio. Here are some The reach and spread, however, has been reduced in these areas over time. The WHO hopes However, most people with polio do not display any symptoms or become noticeably sick.

Although rare in the United States, there is still a risk of polio in How soon do symptoms appear? Symptoms The virus is spread when people do not wash. How did this scare change swimming pools, and how did their is one of the reasons it was able to spread so efficiently -- it can be rapidly. Though most people recovered quickly from polio, some suffered For a time, polio was called infantile paralysis, though it did not affect only the young. Polio is a highly infectious illness that spreads through contact. Less than 1% of people infected with poliovirus develop severe muscle weakness (acute flaccid paralysis) affecting the limbs, diaphragm muscle ( essential for.