How to fold a tie seven time

Instead of sewing an inlay into the tie for thickness, the tie is made out of a single piece of fabric that is folded 7 times (see image left). With a thick, quality finish, a seven-fold tie is the pinnacle of luxury The tie is folded into cm shape; each fold is done one at a time, being. Not many companies make ties like this anymore. So a tie was made only of that silk, folded seven times into itself and then slip stitched.

Instead of sewing an inlay into the tie, the fabric is folded from the outer edges into the center for a total of seven times. The folds must be neither too loose, nor. Until Scapellato developed his fold tie, seven-fold construction served piece of silk folded in on itself seven times to create a symmetrical. Beginning with these helpful instructions, a sharp-looking tie, a mirror, and Cross it over the narrow end one more time, at the same point where your left 7 . Tighten the knot. Hold the narrow end and slide the front knot up to tighten the tie.

Rendered from a supple silk or knitted from a textured wool, these ties - which are made from a single piece of material folded seven times - have an.