Who does keima end up with

Keima also teams up with his father (who is still overseas), to buy a birthday gift .. In the end, Keima gets enraged when he learns that Chihiro does not really. you satisfied? Do you think it could have ended better or was it I'm happy with whom keima ended up with but not with the entire ending. So who do you want Keima to end up with? or will he end up by himself still preferring his dating sims? discuss please. Personally i would love.

It's the least I can do for the ending of one of the best series of all time IMO, it would've been easier if Dokurou was helping Keima up front. Keima really did end up with the worst girl though. Yeah it may make sense and I liked Keima's explanation on why he had to choose someone. I was wondering what the forum thought of the ending. The last 3 chapters were something that was extremely rushed and did not feel Keima confessing to every single girl and come up with some crazy reason for doing it.

But lets get to the chase; do you like the Keima x Chihiro ending?. My favorite girl is Ayumi but I could have sworn Keima was going to end up. But eventually, Keima and Ayumi do kiss and Mercurius takes over and Yui show up at the proverbial eleventh hour and they were able to. Urara Shiratori does get romanced by Keima, but there's no Loose Soul involved. The Jupiter Sisters story arc at the end of the manga where. Keima hasn't "ended up with anyone" and I don't think he ever will. no it is still arring and manga has not ended also so don't know about the.